The Journey

A Listening to God Pilgrimage

Discipleship of Jesus, first and foremost, is rooted in an intimate connection with God.  For many of us intimacy with God is hindered by busyness, a lack of training, or sinful patterns that leave us disconnected from the Ultimate Source of life and power in our lives.  Our relationship with God is a journey, a pilgrimage, that we were never intended to walk alone.  Connecting with other people on pilgrimage has for thousands of years has led followers of Jesus closer in connection to God and other people.

April 20-23, 2017, YLI is hosting its first intimacy with God mini-pilgrimage for young leaders on the Appalachian Train in North Carolina.  Hikers of all abilities will have the opportunity to learn more about intimacy with God, hearing God’s voice, and will be coached in developing an individualized 30-day experiment to hear God’s voice after the hike.  Our hope is that this experiment will lead to an ongoing deepening connection to God that will lay the foundation to a lifetime of fruitfulness in a life of following Christ.

The cost is $150, but if you are short on funds, scholarships are available.  Hiking gear such as packs and sleeping bags are needed, but loaner and rental equipment are available.  We’ll provide tents, clean water and food.  Both men and women are invited.  In short, if you are between the ages of 20 & 35, willing to hike up beautiful mountains and sleep outside, open to sharing your life with others, and available that weekend, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t join us!

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Packing list for 2 nights on the AT.

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