In a world that values mass production over meaningful relationships, Jesus offers a different way of living, leading, and leaving a lasting impact. Sadly, the American church has mostly settled for the mass produced approach to discipleship. Do you crave more than a watered-down, impersonal discipleship experience? Do you desire to follow Jesus deeply, honestly and sacrificially in our world with other people?

We do.

YLI #smallbatch discipleship discovers and discusses Jesus’ invitation to intimacy with God, living a lifestyle of love among the lost, poor and broken, and going deep with a few in discipleship. We love to see new relationships form among people who are like-minded in their passion for discipleship.

For information about the upcoming #smallbatch AT Hike in April 2017:  A Listening to God Pilgrimage

For more info about YLI:  http://www.youngleadersinternational.org