Some additional info about our AT hike

Last Friday and Saturday, I walked every step that we will take April 21-23, plus another nine miles.  I want to share with you some photos and give you a bit more information about what to expect.  The hike is beautiful, but it’s strenuous.  Good shoes are going to be important.  We will take breaks to talk and reflect and pray.  We’ll definitely drink a lot of water.

I also was able to nail down our itinerary.  We can leave on Friday morning together, drop cars at Spivey Gap and begin our hike at Sam’s Gap around 2:00PM.

  1.  Hike to the Sam’s Gap / Moye Rest Memorial to open our weekend.IMG_7315

2.   Hike from Sam’s Gap to Street Gap (2.6 miles) before dinner.  Camp, eat and sleep.

3.   Saturday AM, ascend Big Bald Mountain (4.2 miles).



4.  Hike down to the Big Bald Shelter for lunch (1.1 miles).


5.  Hike down to Whistling Gap camp sites and water source Sat afternoon and camp (3.3 miles).


6.  Hike out to Spivey Gap, visiting an amazing rock overlook Sun AM (2.4 miles).


7.  Grab lunch together in Asheville if time permits.

A couple of thoughts:  make sure that you have two water bottles that will hold a combined 2L of water.

It will be warm hiking during the day but cool at night.

Shorts and t-shirts are great for hiking, but long sleeves will be appreciated when we stop in the evenings.  Two pairs of socks are vital, a change of underwear is good, but otherwise I would not recommend bringing changes of clothes for each day.  We want to carry as little as possible.

I bring snack sized zip locks of dried fruit and raw nuts, and bars for lunch and snacks.  Beef jerky is also good for mid-hike snacking.

With the exception of the Big Bald Shelter, there are no designated privies.  Just so you know.

Finally, this is not a race to the finish.  We will stick together and help and encourage each other.  We will find time to throw off the packs to just talk and share.  You will have time to go off alone and commune with God and journal.  Come prepared to share your life and learn from others.

I think it’s going to be great.

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